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Maintenance Guidelines

    Recommended maintenance steps for a natural stone floor surface:

  1. Sweep floor thoroughly to remove surface dirt, grit, tracked in debris.
  2. Wet mop using a neutral Ph detergent.
  3. Rinse floor thoroughly with clear, clean water.
  4. Towel dry using lint free cloth.

Other recommendations:

DON'T use cleaners containing acids such as Tile-Ex, cleaners with abrasives or vinegar.

DO set aside special mops and towels for marble use only.

DO use floor mats at entrances and sweep floors often to keep grit and sand to a minimum.

DON'T drag heavy objects across the marble. Some deep scratches caused by heavy objects cannot be removed even through refinishing, due to the intensity of the scar.

DON'T spray glass or chrome cleaner directly onto target when there is marble nearby. Rather, spray cleaner onto a cleaning cloth then apply. Do the same when cleaning toilets if you have marble floors in the bathroom.

DO keep a small squeegee in your shower if you have marble shower walls. By squeegeeing down your walls after showering, you rid the walls of soapy residue that over time builds up on the marble.

Above all …

DO call European Marble Refinishing Inc. when you need professional stone restoration services. We find great success and satisfaction in helping our clients keep their marble and stone looking its best.