Maintenance Guidelines

    Recommended maintenance steps for a natural stone floor surface:

  1. Sweep floor thoroughly to remove surface dirt, grit, tracked in debris.
  2. Wet mop using a neutral Ph detergent.
  3. Rinse floor thoroughly with clear, clean water.
  4. Towel dry using lint free cloth.

Other recommendations:

DO be aware of areas prone to traffic patterns. These areas are typically near doorways, in front of elevators, inside elevator cabs, near reception desks and any areas of concentrated wear and tear. To minimize dullness in these areas, consider placing walk-off mats or non-slip area rugs.

DO regularly remove tracked-in dirt and grit from floors to minimize surface scratches and dullness caused by their abrasion.

DO select a non-acidic neutral stone cleaner to be used for regular in-house maintenance of all stone surfaces.

DO keep in mind that acidic liquids such as coffee, soda, and even water that seeps out of planter bottoms will etch natural stone. The quicker these spills are removed, the less chance the stone will etch.

DON'T drag heavy objects across stone floors. Deep scratches are sometimes impossible to remove even after using intense refinishing methods.

DON'T forgo a regular maintenance schedule for stone surfaces. By sticking to at least a bi-annual maintenance program, you will ensure that your marble floors and surfaces will always look their best.

Above all …

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